Episode 12: Started From the Bottom

You need to think about, ‘What can I put out there that someone doesn’t know they need to know?’
— Ryan Rodenbeck

Spyglass Realty Owner Ryan Rodenbeck is an avid content marketing enthusiast who believes the best way to reach your audience and potential clients is through more honesty and less pictures of sold signs. A self-educated guru, Ryan hosts a web series called Realty Hack, which provides “damn good advice for agents, brokers and real estate teams.” Contributing regularly to Inman, and boasting thousands of followers on Instagram, he has successfully built an online presence for his personal brand that has grown his business. 

Recognized by the Platinum Top 50 for his success, Ryan admits there were times he got cocky and he paid the price in his business. He now wants to share his insight into what makes a successful REALTOR®, how to embrace and learn from your mistakes, as well as how to be more authentic when building your personal brand. Pro tip: it’s not showing off all your sales, but rather showing off how hard you’re willing to work in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

You can get more advice and insight from Ryan on Instagram and Facebook at @realtyhack. 

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