Church and State


Episode 4 examines the how the modern REALTOR® association model is one that values meaningful connections and community. Rob Hahn, Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, and Emily talk about how they are committed to enhancing the association experience by recommitting themselves and members to core values.

Data and Then Some


Episode 3 of ScratchThat is all about data. The way real estate listing data is leveraged and the technology that moves it makes or breaks your success and profitability in this business. In this episode, Jack Miller, President and CTO of T3 Sixty, digs into the importance of clean MLS data, data standards that work, and how data is moved.

Keep it Simple, Stupid


Joe Rand is a leading innovator in real estate education and managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. He's written the book on how to overcome the disruption of new business models in our industry— literally. Join Emily in Episode 2 for a conversation with Joe might just just make you rethink the way you're approaching this business.