Episode 14: We Are Family

Design is more important now than ever.
— Brooks Howell, Gensler Residential Leader, Principal

While the adage “location, location, location” still holds true for residential properties, design is playing an ever more important role as homes are becoming more efficient, compact and central to the action. In this episode, Emily chats with two employees at global design and architecture firm Gensler: Brooks Howell, Residential Leader and Principal, and Stephanie Wherry, Technical Designer. They share the important design elements and newest trends they’re seeing in the residential and commercial spaces.

From 3D printed homes to micro-units and communal living, there are certain design techniques that can add value to a property and to those living in it. It’s not about square footage; it’s about creating a space that brings people together and makes them feel happy. By understanding the importance of design, especially in smaller spaces, agents can better help their customers make the right moves to get the most value for their homes.

Follow Gensler on Twitter at @Gensler_design for more insight on design and space; and Brooks on LinkedIn and Stephanie on Instagram at @wherrystephanie.

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