Episode 2: Keep it Simple, Stupid

People who are really proficient at any industry never face disruption.
— Joe Rand

Episode 2 features guest Joe Rand, a leading innovator in real estate education and author of Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters: A Guide for the Client-Oriented Future of the Real Estate Industry. At the heart of our discussion is a question for agents and brokers, "Have I done what I can to ensure the pain points of my clients are met before my own needs?" Those pain points, which Rand identifies and walks through, are key areas of disruption to make or break your value proposition. Listen in to understand how disruptors impact the real estate industry and how to find new opportunities to enhance your value.

Rand is the Managing Partner of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, one of the largest family-owned real estate brokerages in the country. Last year, Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty participated in over $2.0 billion in real estate transactions, becoming one of the top 100 real estate companies in the country. Disrupters, Discounters, and Doubters is available on Amazon and Kindle. Learn more about Joe Rand here, follow him on Twitter at @josephrand, and on LinkedIn.

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