Episode 4: Church and State

It’s not about the institution, it’s about the inspiration.
— Rob Hahn

In Episode 4, Emily speaks with Rob Hahn, Managing Partner of 7DS Associates, a real estate focused marketing, technology, and strategy consultancy. Hahn says the traditional REALTOR® association model is a stalled concept, one focused on business rather than community. Through a range of analogies, including church, the Navy SEALs, and dating, he and Emily discuss how associations can evolve by recommitting themselves and members to core values. Emily also discusses the Austin Board of REALTORS®’ Be a Member campaign, meant to build active member engagement, and create mutual expectations and accountability.  

Learn more about Hahn here, and follow him on Twitter at @robhahn and on LinkedIn. Hahn also writes the well-known blog, Notorious R.O.B., where he opines on topics in real estate, technology, marketing, and strategy. We encourage you to read The Church of REALTOR Faces a Fundamental Question.

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