Episode 7: Back to School

The urgency behind our industry is changing and we need to be a part of that change, not watching it from the sidelines.
— Blake Garett

In an industry and market that are constantly shifting, staying up to date on education is paramount, but a classroom setting often doesn’t work for agents on the go. Enter AceableAgent, a TREC-certified mobile-first real estate education platform where agents can learn on any device, on their own schedule. On Episode 7, Emily chats with Aceable CEO Blake Garrett about the company’s focus on providing up-to-date, engaging content through AceableAgent since the platform’s launch one year ago. Blake discusses how success comes with self-improvement, and how AceableAgent dishes out meaningful content (he calls it a “side of vegetables”) to agents where they are so they can get better at their work, while at work and everywhere in between.

Learn more about Blake here, follow him on Twitter at @aceable, Instagram at @bcliftong, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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