Episode 6: Get Real

Tracy Weir
Communication is much more about listening.
— Tracy Weir

Social media communicates your expertise to clients through a variety of tools and platforms. The question is, are you using them effectively to stand out? On ScratchThat Episode 6, Emily talks with Tracy Weir about MLSs, real estate associations, and top tier brokers. Tracy is the Managing Partner & Founder at August Partners, a strategic consulting firm built for technology companies, MLSs, real estate associations, and top-tier brokers; and is the former Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for Inman News. The two discuss applicable approaches brands can use to build their online community, ranging from listening to and knowing your audience to blending what we share from our professional and personal lives on social media.

Learn more about Tracy here, follow her on Twitter at @Augustpartners, on Instagram at @tracyweir, and on LinkedIn and Facebook

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